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Here is a Way to Secure Cash Flow Control
As a trustee of a charitable trust I have to be sure we have a secure way to control cash flow. The trust provides buggies for the mobility impaired at events around the UK. Just collecting the Donations has implictions for cash flow control. Trustees give their time free and the trust has three employees who with the support of volunteers provide the services at the events and management of all operations including controlling cash flow.

To give an indication of scale we move the 150 buggies around the UK in 5 – 40 foot trailers as currently we attend 50 events this year. Our Operations Manager and the Administrator plan the vehicle movements and attendance at the various events with meticulous care. They control cash flow very well. The whole operation works like clockwork during the summer season, which is the busy time. Since becoming a trustee I have been impressed by the efficient way the trust operates in providing such a worthwhile and growing service. Which is due to the detailed planning and control. We now have to do some planning of a slightly different nature and it is testing our staff. It is interesting how much that is common in online and offline businesses is causing a problem. There is no reason why a charitable trust should be different.

Do we take on more events, buy an additional trailer and more buggies plus pay the staff more as they move to full time employment? To be able to make this decision the staff have been asked to quantify the additional events in terms of how many, where and when will they take place, what will be the additional revenue and effect on cash flow? These same people who are so good at dealing with the operational plans and cash flow control are nervous about being able to commit to this forecast. This is what is fascinating. These additional enquiries are real. The trust will have to win the business – just as would any commercial online or off line entity. The staff are nervous about facing the reality of what is a good business situation – an opportunity to grow.

They are competent people and yet can’t seem to get the importance of forecasting revenue and the effect on cash flow. I watch these developments with interest. One thing is clear, no commitment to the forecast – no decision to proceed. For more on cash flow and on and offline business management go to:
Here is a Way to Secure Cash Flow!
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